Always on the go, hurrying from one appointment to the next and chomping on a burger amidst the rush. Time for a meal: Not so much! Always on the move and busy, business people often have an unhealthy diet. But that mustn’t be the case. Even the biggest workaholic can optimise his or her diet with little effort. With these five tips you are on the safe side as a busy business person.

1. Preparation

Preparation is everything. If you only start thinking about the day’s meals in the morning, the pressure will only rise. That doesn’t only affect your mood but is also quite ineffective. Hence it is better to already think about tomorrow’s meal plan, today. A quick look online reveals a lot of tasty and simple recipes that can be cooked without much experience.

2. Healthy snacks, any time

Whenever a stomach growls, a lot of people reach for a chocolate bar or other sweets. Not only is that unhealthy, it also doesn’t keep your hunger at bay. What is better: Delicious nuts or dried fruit.

3. Try to maintain your familiar rhythm

If you work a lot, you can seldom eat your meals at the same time every day. Lunch is often omitted on business trips, in particular. However, a steady eating rhythm is essential for an optimal supply of nutrients to the body. Therefore: Even if your work schedule seems packed, there is always room for a 10-minute, healthy lunch!

4. Drink a lot!

A healthy diet also consists of a sufficient supply of fluids. The problem: our thirst is often only triggered when the body is already low on fluids. So that this does not happen and your metabolism functions without problems, drinking at least 2 litres a day is recommended. Mineral water and unsweetened teas are best.

5. Exercise & sufficient sleep

Exercise keeps your body and mind fit. You are not doing your body any favours by sitting in front of a screen all day. Back problems and a decreasing performance are the result. Small back exercises or a walk during the lunch break can offer a real remedy for this. A healthy diet can only really unfold its full effect when combined with sufficient rest and sleep.


Try to integrate these 5 tips into your work routine and you and your body will massively benefit in the long-term. If you, too, have exciting suggestions about nutrition in your daily work, please let us know at: