Dear business partners,

The basis of our business model is the trust of our partners, customers and the public in whose midst we operate. As representatives of the company and the QN Europe brand, each one of you is at the forefront of the impression we leave on the market – which is the basis for your sales and business success, among other things.

That is why we base our actions on a strict Code of Conduct: we expect our business partners to conduct their business seriously and in strict accordance with clearly defined ethical principles – in their own interests and in the interests of the entire network.

QN Europe’s strength is its people, who enrich our network with their enthusiasm and daily commitment. We want to go even further in placing people at the centre of our future actions: with more advanced training, with optimal service and first-class products which enrich our lives.

Let’s continue to grow together – and leverage the huge potential of the European market together. With fairness, professionalism and the ambition to get a little better every day. As a company, we want to make progress in this direction. And support you in achieving sustainable success. Together we are the future – be part of it!

Your management,

Jérôme Hoerth, QN EUROPE General Manager