We all know this: the first Christmas markets open and everybody is looking forward to the most reflective time of the year. And this time, everything should be different in the planning of gifts – that is, stress-free. But we all know – most of the time it does not work as expected!

Those who do not make it into the pedestrian zone or outlet center to process the wish lists, therefore, mostly try to buy their presents in online shops. But where everyone is hurrying to order, many gifts reach their destination only after the holidays – long faces under the Christmas tree included.

In this respect, our direct sales business is once again unbeatable: Clever distribution partners keep the weeks before Christmas free for their customers and always have an open ear to advise, inspire and bring the best gifts on time to the gift tables. The best time to push your own business and the balance sheet: No other distribution channel makes Christmas shopping more personal, easier and more convenient.

You still need ideas, what you can recommend for the mother-in-law, the loved one or the best girl friend on earth? The growing portfolio of QN Europe is covering any target group you can think of. We’ve picked three examples for you, which suits whom best.

How about making Granny’s favorite fragrance her room fragrance and at the same time making her home a clean, allergy-friendly atmosphere? The AirPure II looks not only chic with its high-quality, modern design. With him, the home also becomes a fresh-air oasis.

Husband or boy-friend:
During the day at work, in the evening in sports – he struggles a lot and demands a lot from himself. With the Energy Package from Sun & Moon, he can fully recharge his batteries and increase his performance in every respect. Valuable ingredients provide him with powerful cell energy and also ensure a pleasant, fresh-fruity taste.

The best girl-friend on earth:
Holiday vouchers, a personal stock of Guaringa, our new refreshing energy drink for long party nights during Christmas holidays, or a QSmile set, our brand new teeth whitening product for the home treatment – with QN Europe your clients can find everything to make even several best friends happy: with surprising presents they will be remembered for. With your individual advice as a competent sales partner, the choice for the customer is more than easy – and every present under the Christmas tree is guaranteed to be a hit.