Success in network marketing: realistic?

Success in network marketing: is that realistic? And what does it take?

If you are a newcomer to the topic of network marketing, you quickly come across a lot of promises of quick success. This is also a reason why the industry has to struggle with permanent image problems. Again and again, companies pop up that promise interested parties quick money and great success. If you look for testimonials in the social media, you will find plenty of networker profiles that also suggest big success in a short time. So how realistic is success really? What is the truth behind the testimonials of those people who report how they have built up a lucrative self-employment in a short time? The fact is that there are indeed quite a few very successful networkers. However, success does not come on its own!

It is very tempting, the dream of great success. That actually applies to every profession. In network marketing, however, the communication of this dream is somewhat more present than in other industries. Why is that? The answer is simple: because it is actually possible! There are countless success stories of networkers who have built up a considerable income in a comparatively short time. Unfortunately, this fact is often misrepresented or used by network companies to recruit new representatives.

So the question is, why do some make it and some don’t? And above all, how realistic is it?

Let’s start at the beginning!

Yes, it is a fact that you can build up an income in network marketing within a manageable period of time (1-2 years). Some also manage to do so in a much shorter time. However, not all of them manage to make a living from their work as a networker. It is also a fact that many of the successful networkers did not possess any special skills, previous knowledge or other qualifications Advantages when they started. This is another attribute of network marketing: anyone can actually make it. Regardless of origin, level of education, previous knowledge or age. A reality that is not infrequently dismissed by critics of the industry. Nevertheless, in the circle of the successful there are also people who do not even have a school education.

If you are asking yourself whether network marketing is a real and realistic way to build a successful and fulfilling self-employment, then the clear answer is: Yes! But your commitment decides.

So what does it come down to?

As already mentioned, network marketing is not so much about prior knowledge or training. Network marketing is a people business. On the one hand, it’s about how you deal with people. On the other hand, your commitment, your discipline and your consistency are crucial for your success.

The first question you should ask yourself:

“How much do I want change and how much am I willing to invest in it?”

Investing here refers to time, money, work, will, dedication, passion and all the resources at your disposal. Because one thing should be clear to you: without investing all this, success will hardly be possible. To be really successful you have to invest money, work hard, learn a lot, work overtime and be willing to work on your personality. This means you should be willing to learn new things and develop as a person, maybe even reinvent yourself!

It is also a fact that it will hardly be possible for you to build up a successful self-employment in any industry without these investments.

Why Network Marketing?

If you are planning to become self-employed, you will always be confronted with the fact that you have to invest money, time, work and of course your passion. In network marketing, however, there is a small but subtle difference. While you probably have to put a lot of money into things like marketing, product development, production, warehousing or personnel etc. when you set up a business, this is not the case in network marketing. This is taken care of by the company you work for. So you can concentrate 100% on your work and building your business.

That is a very decisive advantage. When you start your own business, you have to take care of everything: Organisation, administration, purchasing, development, production, sales, marketing and so on. That’s a long list. In numbers, this means that you will quickly have to raise several thousand euros in the first months of your self-employment. That’s why about 80% of start-ups go bankrupt in the first 12 months: because they run out of money.

As a networker, you don’t have to worry about all these things. You can literally start off the bat. The company you work for takes care of these costs and risks for you.

You earn what you deserve!

As a networker, you actually earn what you earn. You receive a commission per unit sold, and the more units you sell, the higher your commission is, of course. A very simple and transparent concept. However, the decisive difference in network marketing is the following: You can inspire other people for the profession and take them on as sales partners in your team. Then, in addition to your own commission, you also receive the commissions that arise when members of your team make a sale. This is the so-called passive income. Passive, because you earn without having sold anything yourself.

And that is the path to great success: great team = great success!

If you start as a networker today and can inspire 2 people per month (one new member every 14 days) in the next 3 months, for example, that would be 6 new team members. In this case, you would already be earning money from the sales of 6 team members after 3 months! If you lead, motivate and support your team professionally, they will do the same. This means that after another 3 months you could already have up to 42 (or even more) team members! (Each of your 6 team members will also gain 1 new member every 14 days for 3 months. That means 6 team members each gain 6 new team members = 36 team members + the 6 existing team members = 42).

As you can see, this is not an unrealistic calculation, but a quite realistic and transparent calculation! Even if you only gain 1 new member per month, that’s 12 team members after 6 months. That’s 12 people working for you! And you have only just started! How big could your team be after 2 years?

What do you need to implement this successfully?

First of all, you should make a decision! The decision to become a networker with body and soul! That is a fundamental basis. You have to like the idea of meeting new people every day and moving around a lot. As already mentioned, Network Marketing is a business that is about people. For you to be successful, the following qualities are particularly important:

  • You should be convinced of the products you sell.
  • It should be your ambition to inspire people for your products and especially your lifestyle.
  • It should be your passion to help people make something out of their lives – i.e. to build a successful existence for yourself, as you have done.
  • You should be willing to give your time, your passion, your support and all the resources at your disposal so that other people can succeed.
  • You should live what you sell to others yourself!

There is one thing you must never do: just want to sell!

In simple words

As mentioned at the beginning, you must be prepared to invest time, money and work. You will not get around this fact with almost any form of self-employment. However, in network marketing you have the great advantage that your financial expenses in particular are comparatively low.

To be clear, if you are not willing to put in a certain amount of commitment, then it is better to be an employee. However, if you are willing to give it your all, learn, grow, leave your comfort zone and work hard, especially in the beginning, then success is very likely.

Will it be easy? Invest some money, learn a bit, then work hard for a few months and then success comes? No! You will also have to face challenges and hurdles. That means you will experience setbacks, defeats and disappointments. And probably more than before in your life. However, these are all things that will make you grow! If you know how to deal with such experiences.


So is success in network marketing realistic? The clear answer is: Yes.

That all sounds good, but are you not the communicative type? Or do you think you are not able to sell something, let alone win people over as a networker? Are you shy, timid, haven’t studied or think you’re too old?

You can ignore all these and similar concerns, because they have no meaning!

As a partner of QN Europe, you will receive in-depth training in which you will not only learn everything about network marketing. Above all, you learn a lot about yourself! It is about strengthening your personality, activating your dormant abilities and making you a successful person. Successful here does not only mean financially successful, but successful as a person. Only if you are happy and satisfied, healthy, enjoy a great social life (partnership), pursue a fulfilling and rewarding activity, and are fairly compensated for what you do, only then can you become happy.

It is our endeavour to accompany you on this path and to support you with all our resources. And by the way, this does not only apply to us, but to every serious network marketing company.

If you are curious now and see a realistic chance to build a successful self-employment, then you should act! Contact us, or a company of your choice. That is not decisive. What matters is that you do it. Otherwise you might ask yourself one day, what if?