Around 43 liters of water are stored by an adult human being in his organism. So water is vital for us. No wonder that pure water was rediscovered as a drink and some soda has now run out of rank. Consumers, however, need a high and healthy quality. With the HomePure nova, QN EUROPE has been offering households a valuable product innovation since autumn 2018, which makes enjoyment even more enjoyable. Simply installed, sustainable and effective.
„The quality of the water we have at our disposal means quality of life for us and our families,“ emphasizes Jerome Hoerth, General Manager of QN EUROPE, which has acquired HomePure Nova’s exclusive pan-European distribution. The filtration system follows the trend back to the most natural of all thirst quenchers – without expensive, power-hungry technology or the hauling of heavy beverage crates. It is now available as a HomePure Nova with a more advanced, improved configuration and operation.
The high filter performance is guaranteed by an innovative 9 in 1 filtration system with mechanical and biochemical filter stages made from natural materials developed over many years of research: In addition to a finely woven sediment filter, the chic and space-saving unit also features layers of high-quality, high-performance activated carbon and a natural sand filter Material of marine origin installed.
Three further purification stages use balls of different sizes as filter media to ensure the most intensive possible contact with the inflowing water. The water, which has already been filtered six times, then passes through three further filter stages: Among other things, a layer of high-quality activated carbon and an ultratech-fiber membrane, as known from professional water treatment and germ reduction. The water needs only a few moments to penetrate the nine filter stages – and flows when opening almost without delay from the flexible tap into the glass. Thus, the whole family can quench the thirst immediately and naturally: Without sugar, without additives, with water as the best thirst quencher that nature makes available to man.
For its high cleaning effect, the HomePure nova has now received four NSF certificates: NSF / ANSI 42, 53, 401 and P231. The special highlight for all those who combine comfort and health with a good environmental conscience: The filtration does not need electricity. The HomePure Nova is easy for anyone to connect to the faucet – and can only be operated by the water pressure from the usual household faucet. The device filters up to 5,000 liters without loss of power, and replacement of the filter media is simple and cost-effective.