Please smile – if you are unsure because you do not want to show your teeth, QN Europe offers the perfect solution: Q-Smile. Whether a man or a woman – investing in one’s own look is now easy with Q-Smile. The clou is that you do not even have to go to the dentist to whiten the teeth, because the new tooth gel for cosmetic teeth whitening can be easily applied at home. Q-Smile is therefore a cost-effective alternative to whiten the teeth without dentist costs – even sustainable, painless and without loss of quality.

Compared to many other products, Q-Smile does not attack the enamel. Also, there are no side effects. The Q-Smile set with the smileZERO® gel „Made in Germany“ (<0.1% peroxide) meets all strict EU directives. In addition to the gel, the Q-Smile set also includes an exclusive Q-Smile SoftWhite foam. This helps brighten the teeth, provides a natural white and gives the tooth a temporary protective film. The teeth are protected against light discoloration. Fillings and gums remain untouched, thereby the tooth substance is not damaged.

We recommend: Have your teeth professionally cleaned before first use.

So, next time just CHEESE!