Everybody wants to be a brilliant speaker and convince people easily and hit each listeners heart . Direct selling seems to be easier for people who are really good in rhetoric and arguments. But that’s not so easy. Because it is not just about the transfer of knowledge, it is also about the way how you communicate. A dose of charisma and talent also play a major role in the success of a speech or conversation. A good communicator brings his messages to his audience so that every listener is convinced and has an true belief in what he was told
Be well prepared
The term „rhetoric“ derives from the ancient Greek „rhētorikḗ“ and means translated as „rhetoric“ or „art of eloquence“. No one – even if you are an expert in this business – just goes on stage an starts without preperation. No matter how brilliant you are, good preparation is always necessary. Of course this is absolutely necessairy if you are talking to costumers. Preparation is one crucial key for the success. Your own imagination or visualization can be very helpful: Just imagine the situation in your mind’s eye in which you want to shine with arguments. Where does the conversation or speech should take place? Who is my listener? Where do I sit or stand?
And then it is about the content implementation. The following questions are really helpful:
1. What is the reason for my speech / conversation?
2. What am I talking about, what is my topic?
3. What goal would I like to achieve?
4. What are my messages?
5. What arguments support my messages and my purpose?
6. What should my customer / audience end up with?
7. What personal attitude do I have to take so that I can get over well?
A role play before an important meeting can also be very helpful. Just perform your speech infront of an distributor, colleague or family member. So you can get some internal and direct feedback and you will learn if your arguments are convincing and if you’re convincing as a person. Always remember – there is no natural born speaker. Just go ahead and practice, practice, practice.
In the following weeks, we will present to you further creative business learning methods, such as mind mapping, clustering, „6 hat method“ or the headstand method.
We wish you good luck!