Monday morning: 6:30. The alarm clock is ringing. Actually, you would like to turn around again, but duty calls. How dodged do you torment yourself under the cold shower and curse the day before it even starts. All good intentions from yesterday seem to have vanished and you realize: what you are missing is sleep! Unfortunately, we do not realize how important good sleep really is for us until we are lacking. The consequences of bad sleep are revealed not only in prolonged daytime tiredness, but also by strong mood swings and, as it were, decreasing ability to concentrate. In short: bad sleep is the killer for your personal success. But what to do, so that you can easily travel back to the land of dreams soon?

Build rituals

  1. Go to bed at the same time every day. Try not to deviate too much on the weekend. For anyone who goes to sleep at a different time each day carries risk at some point to be plagued with sleep problems.
  2. Get up at the same time regularly. Even if you go to bed „too late,“ try to get up early the next day. Continuity is very important in this regard.
  3. Take time to prepare for the night’s sleep. Nothing is worse than getting stressed out to bed. Prepare yourself therefore early on and do not rush. Likewise, you should abstain from stimulating stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and nicotine shortly before bedtime.

Pay attention to healthy sleep hygiene

  1. How to bed, so you sleep. On average, man spends about one third of his life in bed. But often the most important sleep component is saved: the mattress. Mattresses suitable for individual body types are essential for a healthy and restful sleep. Therefore, make sure you choose the right sleeping pad. Let yourself be advised here by a specialist salesman.
  2. Free your bedroom from disturbing environmental influences. Darken the room and turn off, as far as possible, all electronic sources of interference. This is especially true for smartphones. While you are sleeping, the „latest news“ is not interesting. If you are sensitive to noise, earplugs can help.
  3. Avoid negative thoughts just before bedtime. Who does not know it: as soon as you lie in bed, the thought carousel begins to make its rounds. Especially those who struggle with sleep problems know this very well. Try to solve your problems and concerns as well as possible during the day. This prevents later pondering in bed. If you still have trouble falling asleep, make the following clear: it does not matter if you do not sleep for 8 hours. You will master tomorrow even though you are tired. This will take the pressure off you and make you fall asleep better.

With these tips, you should soon be able to sleep well again. Do you have any further advice on the subject of sleep and you want to tell us, just write us an e-mail to:

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