Big goals are important. They motivate and inspire us to do our best. We pursue something more meaningful. Setting goals for ourselves means thinking outside the box, developing ideas and visualising the steps to success as well as the possibilities of failure. People who think this way see the future as more than just a slight modification of the present – they want to rewrite it completely. But big goals can be intimidating for the same reason. “There’s too much to do”, “Time is running out”, “I don’t have the skills, and I don’t know enough people”  – these are just a few of the fears that plague people who want to achieve something. But there’s a simple solution to map the mountain of tasks and work through them effectively. Here’s the magic formula: “Think big, start small”. It just means you can pursue big goals by taking small steps.

If follow this “start small” principle, you should approach your goals with a clear head. Don’t overextend yourself! You should instead look at the big goal as a puzzle and pay special attention to the important details. Because no matter where in life the goal is: You can’t change the world in day. A lot of individual steps and in many cases years of work are needed to cross the finish line at the end of your journey.

During these long periods, it’s especially important to have a “step-by-step plan” that helps you keep track of your tasks and objectives. This plan clarifies what needs to be done next and describes how you can best pursue the goal. Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself here:

  • Which steps do I need to take first?
  • Which intermediate goals should I set for myself?
  • What are the key milestones along the way to the big goal?
  • Which areas do I need to continue my education in so I can reach my goal?

You will be able to celebrate successes as you achieve the smaller goals. And with a little patience you’ll eventually be celebrating the big goal. Such a list also has other benefits. When you “cross out” one of the items on the list, you constantly have a new feeling of achievement. The big goal doesn’t seem as far away when you jump hurdle by hurdle and actively participate in the process. With many success stories, there is also a third aspect that helps entrepreneurs and individuals achieve their goals: “Learn fast”. People who work in small steps always have the opportunity to make changes and innovations in society. And they should seize the opportunities too! Moving through our world with blinders on and not leaving room for innovation no longer works. That also means your “step-by-step plan” shouldn’t be set in stone. Depending on the urgency, other items on the list may become more important and require more attention. It’s always worthwhile to look outside your own list of tasks, observe your surroundings and learn – because that’s the only way you can ensure you’re working effectively.