The founding scene in Germany is diverse. It stands for innovation, technology and new business models. Every year more than 300,000 founders take the step into self-employment. As a major economic factor in Germany, the start-up scene has long been established. But what drives these people?

For many founders, the desire to be the boss of one’s own is paramount. This is shown by a study by the company Salesforce, which was conducted at the end of 2016. Another 44% mentioned success as the greatest motivation and 31% each work-life balance and income. Interesting is: when starting up the business, few have gotten financial help. The founding itself was financed by the majority (52%), 23% took out a bank loan.

Customer loyalty as an important success factor
One of the most important success drivers for business growth, the founders see in a successful customer relationship. Customer loyalty (77%) and a customer relationship (73%) that focuses on sustainability are decisive factors for the company’s success. An interesting insight, it often seems that the desire for new customers superimposed on customer care. Apparently, smaller companies see greater benefits for their business on this point.

Happy despite workload
The topic of workload does not seem to be a reason for the founders to give up their business. On the contrary. According to the sixth German Startup Monitor 2018 (DSM), created by the German Association for Startup e.V. together with KPMG AG, founders work on average 56 hours a week – and are still happy. 49% also say they are very satisfied with their lives – in the total population it is only 32%.

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