We all want to be successful. Whether it’s at school, in our private life or at work. Success often serves as a yardstick in our lives and motivates us. Nevertheless, success also means something different for every human being. Our subjective understanding of success is as individual as our personal goals and priorities. But why do some people succeed while others just chase after their goals and plans? In this article, you will learn five useful tricks you can adopt from successful people.

1. Plan your day

Successful people leave nothing to chance. Every day has 24 hours, and every single minute needs to be used. So structured planning is necessary to make the most of your day. If you take time on the weekend to think about how to structure the next week, you won’t be in such a hurry.

2. Reflect on your actions

One of the most important qualities of successful people is their ability to constantly reflect. Reflecting on yourself your actions is not only important for ensuring you don’t lose sight of your own goals; it’s also an important tool for personal development.

3. Get rid of time wasters

Successful people focus on the essentials. They know exactly where they want to go and what resources they need to get there. They delegate or avoid time wasters as much as possible. Try the 80/20 rule here: Often we only need 20% of the time to reach 80% of the result.

4. Important things first

Everyone is familiar with this: The tax-filing deadline is approaching, but instead of doing it right now, we constantly put off the unpleasant task. But successful people have realised you should do important things right away! It’s not only effective, it also gives you a sense of productivity.

5. Read books

You never stop learning! Successful people know this very well, so they are constantly evolving. Books can help you build a broad knowledge base. This is knowledge that might help you later. Take Warren Buffet as an example. In several interviews, the successful entrepreneur reported spending around 80 percent of his time reading each day.

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