Whether you are an avid sun worshipper or an enthusiastic winter sports enthusiast – you will be familiar with the unpleasant effects caused by air that is too dry: chapped lips, tight skin, even nosebleeds can occur if too little moisture in the air dries out the mucous membranes. A recent US study has shown that influenza viruses also live longer and are more active the lower the humidity in a room.

This can be the case both in summer, where intensive sunshine, air conditioning and low rainfall reduce the water content of the air, and in spring, autumn and winter: dry heating air can even be the cause of persistent coughing or painful incrustations in the nose.

This is why more and more people are relying on „nebulisers“: devices that contain water and release it into the ambient air. The problem: germs can collect in the device and an incorrect dosage can even lead to mould growth in the house.

The AirPure Humidifier, which is available solely and exclusively from QN EUROPE™, is revolutionary: its integrated „Silver Cube“ relies on the well-known antibacterial properties of silver and only releases as much moisture into the room air as is necessary for a perfectly balanced, pleasant and healthy room climate. In addition, it also reduces the number of harmful particles in indoor air during operation: quite simply by regulating its moisture content. In pleasantly humid air, the mobility of dust particles, bacteria and other irritants is demonstrably reduced – and we can finally breathe clean, fresh air again (effect is heightened when used in combination with the AirPure Air Purifier 2!).

How does the AirPure Humidifier work? A membrane that vibrates at high frequency transforms the water into a very fine mist, which is then released into the air through a finely regulated ventilation system. Unlike conventional steam, this mist is slightly cooled and therefore does not pose a risk of scalding or other accidents. Since the AirPure Humidifier works with ultrasound, it consumes very little power and is extremely quiet.

The advantages at a glance:

  • the „Silver Cube“ protects the water from contamination
  • quiet operation, low energy consumption.
  • creates a cooling, antibacterial mist.
  • can be used in any room.

maintenance is also very simple – when used continuously, refreshing the interior two to three times a year is sufficient: for an optimal, safe humidifying effect, it is recommended that the filter cartridge, the Amezcua strip and the antibacterial „Silver Cube“ be changed every four to six months. A complete replacement filter set with all three parts is available on the QN EUROPE™ eStore.

Are you a fan of the AirPure Air Humidifier – or have you just started trying it out? Please share your experience with us! We look forward to your feedback at eu.support@qneurope.com