In our busy daily work routines, many professionals do not find the time to go to a fitness studio. Whoever wishes to stay fit, however, will hardly find a way around physical exercise. In order for you to also stay healthy, dynamic and in a good mood, we have collected three easy tips which will help you get sufficient exercise in your daily routine with only a little effort.

1. The journey is the reward

The more we sit in the office during the day, the more important every step we can add in between become. Therefore: leave your car at home more often and walk the few metres to the post office or the supermarket. That may mean a little more time along the way – but you will save time searching for a parking spot. Outdoor walks not only provide plenty of fresh air but are also terrific full-body workouts which help train your stamina. Abdomen, legs, and buttocks will have to work more if you ignore lifts and escalators and climb the next floor by foot. By the way: pedometers are a good source of motivation. Almost every mobile phone now offers such a function. 10,000 steps per day should be your goal according to a recommendation by the World Health Organisation WHO and the American Heart Association.

2. Workouts at your workplace

The deadline is looming, the pile on your desk needs to be taken care of – oftentimes we do not have the chance to integrate ‘moving breaks’ in our daily work routines. That does not, however, mean that we need to turn into sitting salt pillars and allow our muscles to waste away: a few simple exercises at your desk can provide a healthy change!

  • The leg workout: in an upright sitting position stretch out one leg as far as possible and lift it into the air. Once your thigh is no longer touching the chair, hold that position for a few seconds and then repeat with the other leg.
  • The abdomen workout: similar to the exercise above, the legs are lifted here as well, however at a 90° angle. Keep them about 15 to 20 centimetres above the ground while in an upright sitting position without using your hands for support. After roughly ten seconds you may place your feet on the ground again.
  • Anti- ‘mouse arm’: using the mouse too much can lead to cramps in the arms. To prevent this from happening, clench both hands into fists and stick your thumbs up into the air. Let your thumbs circle for a while and then release your hands again. Alternatively, you can also use the proven ‘apple picking’ technique. To do so, stretch your arms and alternating with both arms, grab upwards.

3. Extremely easy at home

Home at last – and too tired for a run around the block? That is absolutely fine after a hard day, but please don’t turn into a ‘couch corpse’! Instead, make use of the commercial break for a quick abdomen workout: lie on your back and pull one of your legs to your chest, curve your back and then lift the other leg. Or while brushing your teeth simply bend one leg and lift the ankle to the height of your knee and hold it there. This will not only train your leg muscles, but also helps improve your sense of balance.

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