How Direct Selling continues to be a great way to include and empower women worldwide

How Direct Selling empowers women around the world.

Direct Selling: a great way to empower women. Throughout the history of the Direct Selling industry, women have played an important role in its success. In the early days, they sold products and services at house parties and events, and their contribution has grown steadily. And despite the challenges of a volatile world economy, geopolitical conflicts and ongoing global health issues, women in Direct Selling continue to thrive.

In fact, the latest statistics show that more and more women are opting for Direct Selling. According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), women currently make up 74.4% of the Direct Selling workforce worldwide – a significant and undeniable majority indeed.

So what makes the industry so attractive to women, and why do millions of them see it as the perfect platform for their success?

1. Equal opportunities

Inclusivity has always been a hallmark of direct selling. And it is this facet of the business – which does not discriminate on the basis of caste, colour, creed, gender, educational background or experience – that has enabled countless women to thrive in an environment where they are treated as equals.

Most importantly, the entire business community is debating and discussing the reduction of the gender pay gap, while equal pay in Direct Selling remains a priority. And that gives women the security that they can earn as much as everyone else.

2. Additional source of income

Direct Selling is an industry that can help individuals earn a supplementary income. It is important to note that direct selling is not a get-rich-quick scheme; however, the simple approach of the business – i.e. getting paid for selling products and services to customers – ensures that people can earn an income for each successful sale. Even better, leading companies like QN Europe have solid compensation plans with performance-based incentives and bonuses designed to reward hard work.

3. Greater flexibility

For a long time, women were prevented from pursuing a career and/or advancing in their profession due to rigid 9 to 5 plus overtime work structures and societal gender roles. Even so-called “flexi work” arrangements have proven ineffective and unaccommodating and even resulted in more work for women.

Where Direct Selling disrupts the established order, thus, is in giving entrepreneurs total say over when and for how long they work. And that allows women in Direct Selling to balance their obligations, family, and professional life and even take vacations and days off without hassle.

Also, regardless of gender, one can choose to work from home or, really, anywhere at all.

4. Life-enhancing, sustainable products

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In addition, reputable Direct Selling companies offer products specifically tailored to the needs of different people to help them improve their lives.

At QN Europe, women can choose from a wide range of beauty, health and wellness products, jewellery and luxury watches, home appliances, e-learning courses and holiday packages. Not only do these products give women confidence and go a long way to improving their overall wellbeing, but they are also made using environmentally friendly methods and materials, ensuring that the company contributes to a more sustainable future for all.

5. Training and development

The best entrepreneurs are those who want to constantly develop themselves. And Direct Selling has always placed great emphasis on training and development to help individuals become entrepreneurs.

Even better, however, is that leading Direct Selling companies consistently strive to promote women entrepreneurs with exclusive, specially designed programmes.


6. Safe, secure and supportive

Unlike many other supposedly flexible income opportunities, Direct Selling is legal and secure and requires no or minimal start up costs.

Furthermore, not only do reputable Direct Selling companies always operate in compliance with local legislation, but leading global organisations such as QN Europe are also at the forefront of introducing ground-breaking anti-fraud safeguards – such as the KYC (Know Your Customer) fraud protection system – and robust regulations to build trust.

Perhaps most importantly, however, is the fact that Direct Selling benefits from the support of a large community of like-minded entrepreneurs. And this has helped to ensure that women in Direct Selling do not feel overwhelmed and/or alone when they venture into the industry.


The focus on empowerment

Yes, women in Direct Selling are not all the same. It is a fact that goals and aspirations vary from person to person.

Nevertheless, Direct Selling suits everyone and is thus the perfect instrument for women to develop economically.