A career in network marketing has a lot to do with good presentation: people who succeed in „selling“ themselves, a great product, business opportunities, will not only have more business success, but also enjoy their work more – and generate significantly more valuable recommendations. Although good things supposedly „speak for themselves“, even the trendiest kitchen appliance or the most robust vacuum cleaner cannot do more than hum. And they are therefore ultimately dependent on the „advocacy“ of an enthusiastic sales partner if they are to become a hit.

The same applies to attracting new talent: it is not enough to make a few good arguments. You need to reach the person you are talking to and get enthusiastic about QN EUROPE™’s business idea. The good news is, the more you try, the better you will get. You test, refine and perfect your approach – and can begin to exceed yourself with every single conversation. These five tips will give you and your candidate presentation an additional kick towards the next level of leadership.

  • Focus on “them”

    “The bait should catch the fish not the fisherman”. If you want to succeed in convincing people to join you, frame your presentation with a story that is built around your prospects. Don´t be a teacher but instead rather choose an approach where you offer them your helping hand by visualizing their possibilities from their own point of view. Show them what they can reach by their own efforts.


  • Be a good listener

    In order to focus on your prospects you have to listen to them carefully. Topics like unique dreams, challenges and situations that characterise their life are helpful information to get a better understanding. Feel free to also tell anecdotes about yourself or others but only with the aim to help them transfer these topics to their own lives.


  • Be ready for rejection

    Always have in mind that the prospect is rejecting your offer, not you personally. Be ready for that situation and don´t let that affect your positive attitude. Imagine you walk into a retail store, have a chat with a salesperson and you finally walk out without having bought anything. Do you think the salesperson will have a bad day just because of that? Exactly. This is a normal situation which should not shock your mindset when you develop your career with QN EUROPE™.

  • Be diplomatic

    In the end, it will not be yourself who makes the decision for your prospects, they will decide for themselves. Once you start seeing the positive changes in people`s lives, it will become much easier for you to show others that you can also help them achieve their goals. Don´t be too direct with demands or ultimatums but instead be a guide on their journey of making a decision.

  • Choose positive surroundings

    The more you surround yourself with team members and uplines who follow the same thinking like you, the more powerful this is for your own mindset. Vice versa this means neglecting people with negative attitudes will give you the power you need to push your career further. Doesn`t it make you happy to have a deep conversation with someone who really understands you?.


Do you have any questions about developing your leadership skills – or would you like to tell us which methods are particularly successful? Please share your experience with us! We look forward to your feedback at eu.support@qneurope.com