Are you new to QN EUROPE and wondering what to do next? Want to know more about how to become successful in QN EUROPE business? Or just heard about QN EUROPE from someone and want to know more about us? Either way, listed here are the key questions most people ask. We’ve tried to answer those burning questions, and also give you some advice to help you build a sustainable and successful business with us.
 1. Is sales experience necessary?
Don’t have a background in business or sales? No worries. An entrepreneurial spirit is what matters. Wanting to succeed, liking people and believing in the product are important factors for success.
Find a product or a service you love. Without a strong belief in what you are selling, you will not be able to market it to others. Some of QN EUROPE’s most successful distributors had no experience or background in sales or business, but when they started using QN EUROPE’s products and saw the benefits of supplementing their income through the business opportunity, they realised the great potential it has. This fuelled their passion and drove them to excel!
2. How much can I earn?
It is really up to you, just like setting up any other business, being successful in QN EUROPE business takes hard work, and nothing happens overnight. If you give it time and follow the training the company and your uplines provide, you can be successful. The outcome entirely depends on the effort you make.
You can decide to work 12 hours a day to create the solid foundation needed to build your business and eventually make a significant amount of money. Or you can say, “I just want to work on it part-time along with my main job and make just enough money to pay for a good holiday with my family.”
QN EUROPE is a flexible opportunity.
3. How soon can I start making money?
This is an important question that every newcomer to the business asks. And the answer is related to the previous one. Direct selling is not as hard as doing manual labour on a construction site, but it does involve significant effort and it is definitely not an easy, get-rich-quick kind of business.
You can make a comfortable living but your results will only match your efforts. There are a lot of successful distributors in QN EUROPE, and in the direct selling industry at large, who spent years working towards their goals before they  made any significant amount of money. At the same time, there are also a few bad apples spoiling it for everyone else by claiming that they started making money from the first week. This leads us to the next point: Arm yourself with knowledge.
4. How much should I know about the industry and the company?
Look up and read everything you can about the industry, its growth pattern and the trends of successful product categories. This information is easily available online on industry sites like World Federation of Direct Selling Associations.
Read the company’s corporate profile, website, product portfolio, marketing materials, and review the policies and procedures to fully understand how everything works. Knowledge is power. If you do not understand what you are signing up for, you will never be able to fully utilise the potential of this business.
5. Am I prepared for rejections?
Let’s face it. Direct selling is not the most well-understood business. It doesn’t help that there are plenty of misleading reports in the media about direct selling based on false assumptions. This has created a perception problem for the industry.
You must be willing to explain and re-explain the nature of your business and work much harder to earn the trust of your prospective customers who have either never heard of direct selling or have a negative opinion about it. This is where all that research and reading that you have done will come in handy.
In any case, you must be prepared for people not reacting favourably to you when you bring up the topic. This is when it becomes important to have complete faith in the product and the company, and in your own ability to find like-minded people who can see what you see.
Now, good luck and happy networking!