They fill huge arenas, like the Cologne Lanxess Arena, and capture the imaginations of countless people. Their audiences can be compared with those of a final match in the World Cup or the final of ‘Germany’s Next Topmodel’. We’re talking about money coaches. Armed only with a microphone, they fill whole arenas and get millions of copies of their books to potential customers. Books that inspire people and often change whole careers for the better. In this article, we want to introduce you to three of these bestsellers.

1. Napoleon Hill: ‘Think and Grow Rich’

At the end of the 1930s, Napoleon Hill described in his book a recipe for success aimed at the average American: anyone can get rich – as long as you believe it. Hill draws this theory from countless interviews he carried out with the time’s most financially successful Americans as part of his research. And he summarised these in his book. From Thomas Edison to Henry Ford and his employer, Andrew Carnegie. The book doesn’t just show the path to success, rather takes the reader on a journey of inspiring life stories.

2. Bodo Schäfer: ‘The Laws of the Winners’ 

Broke after university and now financially independent thanks to the help of a coach: Bodo Schäfer radically turned his life around, pulled himself out of misery and has long been a pioneer in the world of money coaches. His book ‘The Laws of the Winners’ was on the bestsellers lists for 15 years, and there’s one thing that makes it stand out above all: it’s free! So Schäfer has provided people in all walks of life with a guide that covers all areas of health, relationships, finances, emotions and careers. Each chapter covers a new law (e.g. ‘don’t reinvent the wheel’, ‘concentrate on your strengths’ etc.), is introduced with a short story and finished with a practical example. So interested readers can try to implement that element in their everyday life.

3. Dirk Kreuter: ‘Umsatz Extrem’

Experienced sales trainer Dirk Kreuter is one of the most successful coaches on the German-speaking scene, also thanks to his cross-media presence on various online platforms such as YouTube. In ‘Umsatz Extrem’, he describes critical errors that still thwart even experienced salespeople, and how the right performance can be implemented at your next acquisition meeting. Kreuter stays on the surface of the matter when it comes to some points. And for good reason, as ‘Umsatz Extrem’ only aims to make adjustments and not propagate the illusion that reading this book will instantly make you a better seller. Rather, he refers to practice and highlights the importance of fine tuning in meetings.

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