What makes a good manager? What makes successful managers better than others? If there were a recipe for success – everyone would want to know it. We have followed the most successful founders and managers of QN EUROPE™ and observed some exciting similarities: five phrases that they consciously use to strengthen their teams. We want to pass these on to ambitious talents who have also set themselves the goal of making it to the very top.

What helps: the right rhetoric. Words may not be everything. But they determine how we are perceived, to a great extent – and they also shape our thoughts in the form of feedback. Sure, we say what we think. But by expressing negative thoughts over and over again, we convince ourselves that things will get much worse. If, on the other hand, we produce positive formulations, we change our view of the world and the quality of our thoughts over time.

It has been proven that what we think in turn influences our actions. People who believe in themselves can move mountains. If you don’t believe in yourself, you’re more likely to just sit on your couch. Real doers therefore examine their thoughts, consciously use their power – and pay attention to what they say and how. You should therefore include these five phrases in your repertoire.

  1. “I trust your judgement”

Your team members will often be confronted with decisions that might not seem to be easy. However, it is advisable for you as a motivating leader not to have the final say every time. By giving your team more responsibility you are more likely to help them grow instead of giving orders and thereby hindering growth. 

  1. “I don’t know” 

Building trust and a frank communication line is key for you as a leader with QN EUROPE™ to have a well-functioning team. It is absolutely okay not to know the answer to every question. Be a role model by stating that you are not the omniscient master. Instead you could motivate your team to come back with a solution after having asked others for advice, who are more familiar with this special topic.

  1. “What did we learn from this?” 

To err is human. However, not learning from mistakes is foolish. Before getting angry with your team members next time when they fail at something, choose the approach to ask them what the source of error was, what they have learned from this and how they will avoid causing it again. Make sure that there is enough time for this conversation. When you do this, you not only prevent future mistakes, but you also keep your team motivated to take future risks. 

  1. “I´ll take care of this”

Situations will occur where you will be the only one on the team who is able to handle a certain problem. If this is the case, you have to take on your role of a true leader and tell your team members that you will go about this issue whatever it takes to execute. Especially when you build your new business, you have to be the one upon whom every team member can rely on.

  1. “We are all in this together” 

Building a good team spirit is vital within your career in QN EUROPE™. When your team achieves something, you as the leader are to make every single member in the team aware of the fact that all of them together are the ones who have brought you to where you are now.

Do you have any questions about developing your leadership skills – or would you like to tell us which methods are particularly successful? Please share your experience with us! We look forward to your feedback at eu.support@qneurope.com