Seriousness and correctness is the indispensable basis for sustainable success in the direct sales industry: Only a polite, honest and competent appearance can open doors and build trust. This notion is not new: as early as 1980, the member companies of the German Direct Selling Association Germany committed themselves to a catalog of standards of behavior for the industry. Most recently, this Code of Conduct was updated in 2013, revised by the members of the German Association of Direct Sales Germany again as a self-commitment.

The Code is under the motto „Success through Fairness“. Distributors and companies commit themselves, for example, to conduct fair contract negotiations, to grant of a right of revocation and to make fair deals with partners. At the focus of the document, however, is the behavior towards consumers, because after all, the customer should also feel as a king in direct sales. It starts with empathy and consideration: is the customer just open for an offer? Does he not want to continue an already started sales talk? The distributor should pay attention to appropriate signals and must respond to the attitude of his counterpart with respect and courtesy. In addition, the privacy of the customer must be respected, which includes the consideration of an appropriate time window for calls or visits.

In addition, in order to establish a reputable public image, each distributor is required to present himself and his business unsolicitedly and correctly. The company name and address should be clearly visible on brochures, advertisements and catalogs. Strict openness and transparency must also be guaranteed in negotiations with new distributors, especially in terms of recruitment process, contract negotiations and earning opportunities. Should it be necessary to invest some money to start a business (not necessary at QN Europe!), reputable direct sales companies will scrupulously ensure that payments for training, transport or the right to participate in a first training are proportionate and substantiated by a demonstrable value-for-money consideration from the company.

But not only to customers and business partners, but also in terms of competitors, the signatories of the Code have committed to fair behavior: So the attempt of the systematic recruitment of service providers of a competing company or disparaging remarks against other providers or products ultimately even with an exclusion of the company concerned from the association.