An important meeting is scheduled? The boss is waiting for documents? After work, the children demand full attention? And just now you feel tired and limp and the desire for a nap is almost unbearable. If you do not want to leave anything to chance and want to be physically and mentally fit during the decisive moments, then the Energy Drink GUARINGA-Green Fire from QN Europe is the solution.

GUARINGA is not only refreshing and tasty, but also focuses on natural ingredients. Very pleasant is also the slightly tart taste of fresh lime. Thus, GUARINGA differs beneficially from other energy drinks, which usually have a rather sweet taste. Valuable plant compounds and vitamins such as guarana, maca or moringa have a particularly positive effect on physical and mental fitness. By the way, the caffeine content of guarana is five times that of a coffee bean. However, the caffeine of guarana seeds develops more slowly because it is bound to tannins that need to be broken down. The advantage: The caffeine stays in the body for up to six hours – the effect is more sustainable. GUARINGA-Green Fire is an energy kick whose effect lasts for a long time.