Growing successfully: the power of duplication

There is no denying it. Commitment, passion, persistence and patience are among the most important prerequisites for entrepreneurial success.


But any successful entrepreneur will tell you that individual success alone is not enough to ensure the longevity of your business.

Any QN Europe superstar will concede that to achieve your financial sustainability ambitions, you need dedicated team members who have the same attitude and commitment to business success as you do. And that’s where the power of duplication comes in.

In short, duplication is the process of passing on knowledge to your downlines so they can replicate your success.

It is not simply about getting people to imitate your actions or mirror what you say and do. Rather, it is about communicating your values, best practices and experiences so that your team members can achieve their own goals and empower others to do so.

Sounds complicated? Not really. Here’s how you can put duplication into practice in five simple steps:

Determine how serious your team members are about direct selling

Everyone has different motivations and goals when taking advantage of the QN Europe business opportunity. Some may only want to become Independent Representatives (IRs) to take advantage of QN Europe’s high quality products and services for personal use, while others may be looking to earn a sustainable income and have a long career as an entrepreneur.

So be sure to measure the engagement of all your team members.

Do they regularly sign up for coaching programmes and purchase additional training materials? What does their purchase history say about them? Do they constantly promote QN Europe products and services, and which items do they prefer?

It is possible to run this business both full-time and part-time. But without commitment, it’s unlikely that a person will be willing to learn from you and do the work necessary to succeed.


Dedicate time and effort to committed team members

One of the best things about direct sales is that budding entrepreneurs are never left alone. As a leader, it is incumbent upon you to always stand by your downlines and guide them.

Remember, every successful IR got to where they are now because of the mentoring and guidance of QN Europe veterans. So whether you’re guiding your team members through the lead generation process or building their own networks, your presence ensures that the right approaches are successfully duplicated.

Note, by the way, that being present for your downlines is not just about physical training and guidance, but also about being there for your team spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally.


Communicate a clear and specific system

Duplication, as mentioned earlier, is about successfully replicating proven strategies. So, first and foremost, teach your downlines the effective techniques and procedures you have been using.

You should also ensure that your communications are clear and easy to follow.

A big attraction of direct selling is that everyone can own and run their own business. But that also means you could be dealing with team members who have little or no sales experience. Therefore, try to make your lessons as simple as possible and, where necessary, demonstrate what you mean.

This way, your subordinates can not only put the approaches into practice, but also help train others.

Hold team members accountable for their performance

You have given your team members time to guide them and share ideas with them on a regular basis. Now is the time to set expectations and goals and make sure they are implementing what they have learned.

For IRs to enjoy the fruits of their labor, it is essential that they adhere to proven approaches and strategies. So make sure your downlines understand how well the system works for them – and for everyone on their network – when it is adhered to and executed correctly.

Note that this step requires you to be tough and assertive with your team members when it comes to promoting QN Europe products and services and achieving business goals. Just be careful not to be too presumptuous. Instead, try to encourage and empower your employees.

Identify and promote managers

The goal of managers, including those in direct sales, is to nurture and guide their subordinates so that they can move up and eventually become leaders. Therefore, duplication is not only about replicating success, but also about leaders cultivating the potential of their team members.

Look around your network. Are there IRs who willingly take on more responsibility and/or are the first to raise their hands to admit missteps? Are there people who have taken it upon themselves to become QN Europe Product Ambassadors? As a leader, you must recognize the value of these pearls and develop them.

Do you remember how you were given the opportunity to shine and grow in your current leadership role? It’s up to you to do the same for your subordinates.

Ultimately, success in direct sales is about developing yourself to help others develop themselves and so they can help other aspiring entrepreneurs do the same. This is the power of duplication.

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