Network Marketing 2.0

Network Marketing 2 .0: breaking new ground

Excerpt from the interview with Amino Watermann, founder and owner of Masterminds.cc (founded in 1990), management consultant and mental development advisor, author, speaker and entrepreneur.


What does Network 2.0 mean?

To explain this, we should first face a fact. Before I became intensively involved with the network marketing industry, I thought this was my personal perception. However, the experience of the last few years has shown that it is rather a fact. In 30 years as a management consultant and advisor for mental development, I have not come across any other industry that propagates the topic of success to the outside world in such an extreme way as network marketing. By this I mean how the industry presents itself to the outside world, among other things to recruit newcomers, e.g. through social media. However, I also don’t know of any other industry where, if you look behind the scenes, you discover such a contrary reality.

The fact is, if 100 people walk into a room to start as networkers, maybe 5 of them will actually be successful in the end. By successful, I mean that someone not only earns something extra or is able to make a living, but can also afford all the good things in life. Just as it is communicated in the industry. The problem of the low success rate is also well known in the industry, but it is often kept quiet. To counteract this, however, some companies are trying to improve this rate by offering training programmes to their representatives.

‘Everyone gets the same education, yet only a few are really successful.”

As an outsider, however, on closer inspection one has to ask, why so few are successful, if everyone receives the same training? Everyone receives the same information, but only a few can turn it into success. If you raise this issue in the top echelons of a network marketing company, you are often told that the reason for the low success rate is that people are lazy or uneducated, or that they don’t really put themselves out there. Moreover, this problem is something that only occurs in other companies.

Be that as it may, in practice all this means that too few teams and downlines are built (low acquisition rate) and that as a result the number of dropouts is absurdly high. A fact that every industry expert will immediately confirm.

“You have to solve a problem at its root cause and not fight its symptoms.”

We are of the opinion that the causes of this problem are to be found elsewhere, and the results of the last few years confirm this. Experience has shown that if you put the right tools in people’s hands, they are capable of amazing achievements and success. Mind you, this also applies to people who have neither a school degree nor any training and have no previous knowledge of sales (network).

Network Marketing 2.0 means, among other things, breaking completely new ground in training and mentoring people. This not only leads to higher success rates, but also allows representatives a new form of onboarding, which in turn favours acquisition rates and thus team building.

What are the right tools?

Our centuries-old education system, our society and unfortunately also many methods of modern personality development mostly explain to us what we should think, but not how thinking itself works and what consequences it leads to. Let alone that there are consequences!

Everyone reading this text should ask themselves the following questions:

“Do I really know exactly how my thought process works and what the consequences of my thoughts are?”

“Am I able to programme my own beliefs?”

“Do I know how my perception works and how my thoughts control it?”

“Do I know how my thoughts directly influence my well-being and the cells of my body?”

These are just a few examples. The crucial thing is this: if you can’t answer one of these questions, it means that you are using something of which you don’t know 100% how it works:

Your mind.

Albert Einstein already criticised this problem many years ago in one of his quotes:

“Man uses only 10% of his mind power”.

If I use only 10% of the mind power, this leads to 3 conclusions:

  1. I am not aware of how my mind works.
  2. I am not aware of the consequences of my thoughts.
  3. I possess 90% untapped potential.

This is where our programme comes in. Based on a specially developed, worldwide unique training system, we show step by step how to turn 10% brain power into 100% in a logical, comprehensible and immediately implementable way.

Unfortunately, the framework given here is not sufficient to describe what then happens to people. The results are overwhelming and by no means only concern professional success, but all areas of life. The testimonials clearly show that the successes experienced are not motivational flashes in the pan, but profound changes that have a lasting positive impact on people’s lives.

What does the training involve?

First things first: our training system is 100% freeof common coaching methods such as motivation, positive thinking, goal setting, visualisation, rhetoric, psychology, NLP, jargon or complex thinking models etc. as well as any content such as laws of attraction, quantum physics or other new age methods. We do not use techniques from the fields of meditation or hypnosis, nor do we use concepts from religion or esotericism. We also do not convey opinions, theories or theories.

Our system is based solely on logic and common sense and is underpinned by scientific facts as well as natural laws.

Put into practice, our training leads to the (re-)activation of the innate, natural thought system, thereby dramatically increasing your mind’s capacity. As a result, your hidden or dormant abilities are automatically (re-)activated. This concerns, among other things, your ability to consciously programme your thoughts as well as your beliefs, which control over 90% of your subconscious thinking and your perception. This in turn leads to the ability to consciously and purposefully control your own perception as well as your well-being.

All this leads to a completely new perception of the your self, your environment as well as your own possibilities. The consequences are quite pragmatic: you think thoughts that you have not thought before. This leads to actions that you have not taken before, and this in turn leads to results that you have not achieved before. The crucial thing here is to learn how to consciously control this complex system of thinking – perceiving – acting.

That this change has noticeable consequences can be experienced quickly and clearly in your own perception: you actually perceive things, situations, possibilities and people differently. This inevitably leads to new actions and decisions.

What does a new form of onboarding mean?

At this point we have to face another fact, even if it is certainly not universally valid: the areas of approach and acquisition are, to put it mildly, to be considered problematic. A study carried out in 2017 revealed that the majority of potential customers or representatives are not only annoyed by the usual methods of approach, but also instinctively distrust them. What some companies forget is that they are not the only ones trying to sell products or acquire partners.

Statements with a bait character such as “I’ll show you a great way to earn money” or “I’ve found out about a great product that you should definitely take a look at” etc., as well as rhetorically supposedly sophisticated contact methods, are no longer something anyone wants to hear or see. When you are on social media, you are literally bombarded with such statements.

Apart from that, such approaches are not very efficient if some principles of subconscious perception are known. To give just two examples: on the one hand, those approached instinctively suspect that it is about sales, which can quickly (subconsciously) drive them into a defensive posture. Everyone knows the feeling when you are approached by someone who wants to sell you something.

On the other hand, representatives often (subconsciously) act under pressure when they have to present their sales pitch.This in turn makes them (subconsciously) tense up. They want to sell something and this (subconsciously) creates pressure. This example is also easy to understand, because very few people feel comfortable when they have to sell something to someone. These are, as mentioned, only 2 examples of a very long list.

In order to achieve sustainable success for all participants, we have abandoned the strategy of selling and acquiring and turned to the strategy of leading by example. This means that people who enter the profession of networkers first experience real and sustainable success themselves, and then live it as examples for others.

Three factors are crucial for this:

  1. The products offered must noticeably improve people’s quality of life.
  2. Representatives must receive training that provides them with all the skills necessary for their sustainable success.
  3. Representatives (and clients) must receive a longterm support.

In practice, this strategy has a convincing effect: representatives are successful, and this leads to a noticeable change in their lives and lifestyles. Others notice this (positive) change and want the same for themselves. This means that the need to sell and acquire is almost completely eliminated, because people actually come up to you and ask what you are doingor what has led to this change.


People love idols and role models that they can emulate, that they can look to for guidance and that inspire them. One of the guarantees of success is to be such a role model for other people and thereby inspire them: to show them that they can do it too, and to show them how they can do it.

The philosophy and intention of the Network Marketing 2.0 programme is to show people how they can actually lead a fulfilled and self-determined life. This is not about publishing an advertising slogan, but about building long-term relationships based on trust and commitment.

Success is often based on a system or systematic approach. With our programme, we have created a proven and duplicable system that offers all people, regardless of origin, social background, educational status or age, the opportunity to experience an amazing change.

Nevertheless, it should be noted in conclusion that a successful, self-determined life without a certain level of commitment usually remains only a dream. However, for those who desire change and are willing to learn and develop, the dream can become reality within a short time.

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