The sustainable style revolution: Bernhard H. Mayer OMNI

Bernhard H. Mayer OMNI watch collection: Harmony of elegance and sustainability

In a world where sustainability is increasingly taking center stage, our daily decisions reflect a deeper commitment to protecting our planet. The Bernhard H. Mayer OMNI watch collection is at the forefront of this movement and shows how luxury and ecological responsibility can be seamlessly intertwined.

The need for sustainable consumer behavior

Our consumption habits have a significant impact on the environment. Choosing sustainable products is a crucial step on our way to a more responsible and healthier planet. The Bernhard H. Mayer OMNI collection represents this ideal and offers a luxurious yet sustainable choice for the discerning consumer.

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Making sustainable fashion decisions

Emphasize quality over quantity

Investing in high-quality, durable items reduces the need for frequent replacement purchases and thus reduces the environmental impact.

Rediscovery of second-hand and vintage

Rummaging through second-hand stores and vintage stores enables unique fashion finds and helps to reduce waste.

Identifying and supporting sustainable brands

Supporting brands like Bernhard H. Mayer that are known for their dedication to environmentally friendly practices makes a significant difference.

Choose natural and organic fabrics

Clothing made from materials such as organic cotton, hemp or Tencel offers style and sustainability.

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Opt for environmentally friendly dyeing and printing processes

Sustainable brands often use processes that minimize water consumption and chemical emissions and thus contribute to environmental protection.

Pay attention to versatility

Choosing versatile garments encourages a minimalist approach and reduces the environmental footprint of our fashion choices.

The OMNI collection: a benchmark in sustainable luxury

The Bernhard H. Mayer OMNI collection is not just an exquisite watch collection; it is a profound statement of environmentally conscious thinking paired with high-quality craftsmanship.

Leading the way with recycled stainless steel

The collection consists mainly of recycled stainless steel and ensures that at least 85% of the material is reused. This not only reduces the ecological impact, but also demonstrates the brand’s commitment to innovative and sustainable use of materials.

Progressive with environmentally friendly TPU wristbands

The watch straps, made from recycled thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and certified by the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS), represent a fusion of durability and environmental protection. These bracelets are not only resistant and durable, but are also in line with the brand’s sustainability philosophy.

Masterful design and craftsmanship

Each piece in the OMNI collection is a work of art that combines traditional and modern design elements. The unique combination of geometric shapes, Arabic numerals and Roman numerals gives these timepieces an unmistakable character and makes them suitable for a variety of occasions.


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A commitment to sustainable elegance

The Bernhard H. Mayer OMNI watch collection goes beyond the ordinary to offer a luxury accessory that also serves as a testament to sustainable practices. It is a choice that will appeal to those who value both impeccable style and a commitment to the environment.

In an era where every choice can contribute to a healthier planet, the OMNI collection stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for a sustainable future. Choosing an OMNI watch is not only about enhancing your style, but also about contributing to the legacy of environmental protection to ensure that our choices today shape a better world for future generations.

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