Hydration: how important is fluid intake?

Hydration: the secret weapon for achieving your New Year’s resolutions


At the start of 2024, many people around the world have set themselves new goals for the coming year. However, a surprising statistic shows that around 80% of these resolutions fall by the wayside in February. Among the various factors that lead to this failure, one crucial but often ignored aspect stands out: hydration.

Hydration plays a crucial role in our overall health and goes far beyond simply quenching our thirst. Research shows that optimal hydration can support weight loss by increasing satiety, increasing metabolic rate and reducing water retention. However, the benefits of adequate hydration go beyond weight management; it is crucial for maintaining energy, increasing physical performance and improving cognitive abilities.

Take, for example, the testimonial from our customer Petra from Frankfurt: she was struggling with her resolution to do more sport because she was constantly tired – a challenge that many people can relate to. “I always felt too exhausted to go to the gym, which led to a vicious circle of guilt and laziness,” she says. This problem is widespread and the quality of the water we consume is an important factor.

The World Health Organization points to the link between contaminated water, inadequate sanitation and the transmission of diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea and hepatitis A. Access to clean and safe water is therefore not just a luxury, but a basic need.

In the field of water treatment, innovations such as the HomePure Viva water ionizer and filter are outstanding. This device with advanced multi-stage filtration and intelligent technology effectively reduces bacteria and viruses in the water. It also features a nine-plate water ionizer with platinum-coated titanium electrodes that adjust the pH of the water to provide a range of health benefits, from immune system support to greater mental clarity and better taste.

Alkaline water, which is known for its high pH value, offers potential health benefits such as protecting cells from oxidative stress and supporting detoxification processes. It is believed that ionized water enriched with negatively charged hydroxide ions improves the absorption rate, thereby promoting hydration and gastrointestinal health.

Petra noticed a noticeable improvement in her energy levels and motivation to work out at the gym after installing such a water filtration system.

Evelyne Klepic, Managing Director of QN Europe, emphasizes the importance of water quality: “Water is more than a mere necessity; it is the cornerstone of our health and well-being. At a time when water quality is often at risk, ensuring the safety and beneficial properties of our water is of paramount importance. At QN Europe, we want to offer a solution that not only purifies water, but also enriches its health benefits, helping people to achieve better health and realize their personal goals.”

As we strive to keep our New Year’s resolutions, recognizing the integral role of hydration in our daily lives is a crucial step. Access to clean, high quality water could be the key to keeping our resolutions throughout the year.


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